A small guide to all types of curtains

Nowadays, there are tons of curtains available in the market but there are few significant and evergreen types of curtains, Curtains can help you to decorate your window in a colorful ways. Which you should know about it. Before diving into types of curtains. Every curtain is unique in its own way. 

types of Curtains

Pencil Pleat Curtains


This is the type of curtains, which looks good in all kinds of windows and constructed with the help of gathering tapes. People love Pencil pleat curtains because they are easy to hang and available in various colors. It can be used in thermal, linen, and sheer curtains. The exciting feature is Gargi provides automated Pencil Pleat curtains.

types of Curtains

Inverted Pleat curtains


Inverted Pleat curtains are also termed reverse pleat or box pleat curtains. You can consider Inverted Pleat Curtains. if you want a professional and elegant look in your window. They are designed with a reverse single pleat. 

types of Curtains

Single Pleat Curtains

It is a special type of curtains, which are ready to go in one stitch only. These can be thermal, lined, or sheer curtains. the uniqueness of Single pleat curtains is they usually fit outside the window.

types of Curtains 


Dutch Pleat Curtains


This type of curtains is created with two pleats curtains, that’s the reason. Dutch Pleat Curtains popularly know as double pleat curtains. The length of the curtain is about 2 times the track length.

French Pleat Curtains

This type of curtain amazed people, as it is created alone, with the help of three pleats joined together at the top of the curtains, and are suitable for all types of windows. These are made of fixed width to fit the length of the track. French Pleat Curtains are used outside the window as a face fix. The fullness is around 2 times the track length. These can be thermal, lined, or sheer curtains.

Sheer Curtains





Sheer Curtains


Sheer curtains are made of fine fabric mostly see-through material. These can be made in any design be it pencil pleat, inverted pleat, single pleat, double pleat, triple pleat, or eyelet. The only difference between the sheer curtain and the main curtain is the type of fabric used.

Eyelet curtains 

Eyelet Curtains


These types of curtains have metal rings usually 40mm or 65mm in diameter and cut into the heading of the curtains approx 50mm down from the top. The curtains are normally floor-length but can be shorter if desired.

Eyelet Curtains enable the material to form vertical soft pleats running full length from top to bottom hem; eyelets curtains give that classic look to any room setting. They are a blend of contemporary and retro styling and will suit both interior designs.

Hanging them is not easier, gently thread the curtain pole through the first eyelet folding the fabric as you go forming soft fold pleats.


These are some of the popular types of curtains available in the market. You can definitely choose one of them. Gargi home furnishings provide the automated feature to all types of curtains in the list. So, definitely check them out.



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