Roller Blinds

As evident from the nameroller blinds move up and down with the help of a control chain. Roller blinds give a very architectural look to the window. This type of blind is very popular these days and is used in both houses and offices.

The roller blind can beblock-out or sunscreen roller blind depending upon what type of fabric is used. While a 100% block-out gives more privacy and protection from sun, a sunscreen blinds allows a small amount of sunlight to pass through it and at the same time allows you to admire the outside look if the window is facing a view.

A single roller blind is when we use only one blind in a window while a double roller blind is a combination of two, generally one sunscreen and another block-out.

Roller blind can be roller in straight roll or reverse roll. A straight roll is when the fabric rolls up or down from behind the roller tube at the top so that we can view the top tube all the times. In reverse type of roller blinds the fabric moves in front of the top tube thus hiding the top tube at all times.

Roller blinds can be automated as well.

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