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Need some questions answered? To save you time we have put together a list of common queries. if you still can’t find what you’re after,no need to worry, simple get in touch as we’re always here to help.

First, for every room of your home, you must resolve on both curtains or blinds. Some individuals select to go along with blinds in every room and some choose all curtains. This is acceptable, but it could be more interesting to mix it up and install curtains in some rooms and blinds in others. This may make the overall décor of your property extra interesting. You may even use Curtain and  blind on the same window. When considering blinds for your house, you must realize that there are different types of blinds.

You can examine types and chances are that you’ll find  a customized blind would fit your needs.

When deciding on what color to use one needs to take in to account various factors such as the surrounding area and furniture colour wall colour,  Carpet etc.. Say if you had wooden furniture than you may want to compliment it with a light shade of tan colored blinds or curtains to enhance the look of your furniture. Or you may need to consider the surrounding wall area and which color curtains or blinds will suite or match the color of the existing wall. What ever color you use be sure it go well with the environment around it to give that extra touch and elegance..

There can be wide difference between the cost of Gargi Blinds & Curtains. If you happen to really feel that you will preserve the identical Gargi Blinds & Curtains for a long time period, it’s possible you’ll need to invest more money into them. However, when you’re an individual who loves change and will want to change the temper and look of your room just by exchanging window treatments, chances are you’ll want to discover cheaper choices so it won’t be too much of a stress in your wallet while you’re prepared for brand new curtains or blinds again.

Maintenance of your curtains depends upon the type of fabric used. Some fabric curtains can be washed at home while the others need professional dry-cleaning.

Our Blockout vertical as well as roller blinds are rather easy to clean. All you need is soapy water and a clean cloth. In minutes, a simple rubdown can make them look like new.

For extra privacy and darkness, select curtains that are thick or use blockout linning as backing. Triple pass thermal linning can be used to save the heat from inside escaping out.

At the same time there are other options of single or double pass thermal linning and polycotton linning depending upon the choice and part of the house being furnished.

Measure the width of the window from outer side the window frame. A 10% to 20% is added in this width for the length of curtain track depending upon the space available on both side of window. For the length or drop of curtains  10cms to 20cms below the bottom sil is added in the height of window.

For floor length curtains the length of the curtains should be measured up to the floor level.

Measure the width of the window from inner side of the window frame ( Often known as wood to wood ). Similarly for the length or drop of blinds, measure from top to bottom sil from inside (wood to wood).

For roller and  sunscreen blinds the width need to be more accurate than height/drop.

For vertical blinds both width and height/drop need to be accurate and often advised to measure the drop at three  places (both sides and middle)

Similarly for Venetians blinds both width and height/drop need to be accurate.

For Roman Blinds 5cms is added on both sides of window width measured from outer-side of window frame. And 10-15 cms is added  in the window height/drop again measured from outer-side of top & bottom sil.


  1. Always use a steel tape when measuring, as fabric tapes can stretch. It may seem obvious, but if you are replacing existing curtains that are the right size then simply measure these.
  2. If curtains of different lengths are for the same room and it is important that they pattern match let us know whether to match from the top or the bottom.
  3. you have a valance, you may be able to use slightly less fullness in the curtains (but we would not recommend less fullness in a valance than your curtains).
  4. when choosing your fabric don’t forget that curtains will look darker in bulk. Watch out for horizontal stripes as they will accentuate a long narrow room.
  5. Bear in mind that curtains with a buckram heading occupy rather more space when drawn back than pencil pleating.
  6. Whilst some curtains are washable at home this does not mean they are shrink resistant unless they are an easy-care fabric. For most fabrics we recommend professional dry-cleaning.
  7. It is not always necessary to wash or have your curtains dry cleaned. Vacuuming them should suffice in most cases.
  8. When gathering the pencil pleat curtains don’t forget to tie the cords at both ends securely before gathering and always make sure the excess cord will be on the outer edge of the curtains. Don’t cut off the excess if you are likely to want to flatten the curtains later to clean or store away.
  9. A 1½ width pair means just that – each curtain is made up of one full width and half a width of fabric joined together. If you have half widths always make sure you hang them so that the ½ widths are on the outside.
  10. Use blockout thermal linning for more warmth and darkness. It helps in preventing the heat escaping out of the house.
  11. Always draw the curtains before it gets dark, it will help in retaining heat inside.
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