All About Great Blinds in Auckland Which EveryOne Needs To Know!

As we all know, Auckland is famous for its warm summers and cold winters, making it tricky to decide on Gargi Home Furnishing Blinds & Curtains. Blinds in Auckland are unique and transformative. They have attractive styles and come in different colors; Auckland blinds make the home beautiful. 

Sunshades in Auckland are of high-quality assurance, easy to install and repair, and cheap at the same time.

Blinds in Auckland is famous for customization. At the Auckland workshop, experienced blind makers apply meticulous attention to detail to custom-craft your quality new blinds.

Sunshades have been increasing in popularity in response to Newzelander’s demanding schedules. Its primary selling point is its manageability. Unlike curtains, blinds fit sloping windows and curved bays and come in various performance fabrics like blackout, fire-retardant, and easy-clean PVC. Blinds in Auckland are also one of the most cost-effective solutions for large windows, making them an excellent choice for sliding glass doors

  • Individual fabric louvers that can be tilted to filter light gently.
  • An excellent choice for curved and sloping windows.
  • Versatile and cost-effective option for vast windows and glass doors.
  • Great for privacy and flexible light control.

Blinds are easier to clean with less frequency, and it does not attract dirt as most curtain fabrics do. Unsurprisingly, it has become popular for homeowners, bungalows, and commercial spaces.

Auckland blinds are available in various colors and finishes allowing you to create an individual look. If you have uPVC windows or sliding glass doors,they  can fit inside Perfect Fit frames, eliminating the need for cords.

  • Slats are available in a choice of widths to suit a range of window sizes
  • A metallic finish helps to enhance light levels
  • Choose flexible light control and privacy
  • Matt, gloss, and luxury metallic finishes for a contemporary look
  • No drill solution for uPVC windows.

Types of Blinds in Auckland

Duette blinds

These blinds utilize this technology to the maximum.

One fantastic feature of the Duette blinds is the Top-down feature. If you choose to, you can have blinds open from the top down. This easily allows you complete privacy and the light you need to start a new day.

Blinds in Auckland

Privacy Venetians

Horizontal Venetian blinds can be manufactured in several different materials. The difference between regular Venetians and the privacy style is where the cords sit. Privacy Venetians do not have holes in the slats allowing for a closer fit when closed. They can be made from metal, plastic, or wood. The style and décor of your home will affect the material you choose.

Blinds in Auckland

Roller blinds,

Either blackout, translucent, or sunscreen is a fantastic option when changing your window furnishings. They leave a much cleaner line than the traditional net curtain fitted inside the window frame, being very practical and minimalistic while looking great from the inside and the outside.

With the “revolution” of the roller blind, fabric suppliers have produced a fabulous range of fabrics and colors to accommodate the style and decor of all homes and offices, leaving us spoilt for choice.

Blinds in Auckland

Wooden Blinds

Also known as cedar or timber blinds and is made of light weight real wood. The controls are similar to Venetian blinds. Wooden blind gives warm and wood look to the area. It can be used for both houses as well as offices. Beside the wooden colours these blinds are also available in selected painted colours. It comes with a fascia to hide the metal head-rail. 

Blinds in Auckland

Basswood Blinds

One of the most trendiest question nowadays is what is basswood blinds? Basswood blinds is manufactured from hardwoods with a consistent texture. It can be sanded or stained to give a smooth and even finishand is light but very durable.Basswood is used for a variety of purposes. These include carving tables, drafting tables furniture, musical instruments and offcourse blinds. It is extremely light and durable which makes it perfect for rooms that have lots in activity (childrens bedrooms and living rooms, etc.). It also works well for commercial spaces for the very reason. Basswood blinds is extremely versatile and we can make any size or shape to fit your home’s needs. In areas where arches are popular, shutters look stunning. Combining Basswood frames and panels provides an imposing, well-structured look to shutters, with high-end finishes. These are similar to wooden blinds; the only difference is that the slats are made of hard and stable American woodcalled basswood. These are available in many colours..

Blinds in Auckland

Polymer Blinds

Polymer blinds, also called wood-look blinds, are similar to wooden blinds, but the slats are made of polymer composite with a timber-looking embossed finish on both sides of the slats. These blinds are useful in damp areas such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry windows. These are available in many colors.

Blinds in Auckland

Auckland blinds last a long way and makes home alive. Check out Gargi blinds auckland review. It is the best place to shop for blinds in Auckland. We have a wide range of blinds to choose from, all made with the latest technologies and materials.


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