A guide to choosing the perfect window curtains for your house

Have you ever tried hanging different window blinds or curtains in your rooms, and still, people don’t find them attractive? If so, you don’t need to worry because nowadays there are tons of Gargi Blinds & Curtains available in the market. Each one is unique in its way. Here, I’m going to help you with the perfect window treatment for your house.

Know the best window curtains for the room

window curtains

You have to know the actual difference between Gargi Blinds & Curtains. Curtains are justfor hanging on the window and blinds cover the whole window. Some popularly known curtains are single pleat curtains, dutch pleat curtains, and valances. We have many varieties of blinds as well like Vertical blinds, roman blinds, and motorized blinds. If you want a window treatment that can protect you from light then it’s better to go for blinds.

Different window curtains for identical rooms

window curtains

Do you know what is the worst mistake people do in selecting the window treatment for their rooms are? they bought the same type of curtains or blinds for the whole house, even they don’t change the color of curtains or blinds. Like, if you want to do window treatment in  kitchen or bathroom then blinds are best, whereas window curtains suits well for drawing rooms or office. if you are looking for a similar guide on the types of blinds.

Shade of the room

Does the colour of the wall matter? The answer is yes; the colour of the wall plays a vital role in selecting the right curtain or blinds in the office where the colour of the wall is quite formal. We have a few window curtains options available, and you can have a french pleat curtain over there to enhance the look of your workspace. The sheer curtains generally looks good in bedroom.

Automation feature of window curtains

window curtains

What if I am gonna tell you that you can control your window curtains or blinds with a single remote, seems impossible? Right. But here at Gargi home furnishings, we provide automated features to all types of curtains and some of the blinds like motorized blinds,shutters, and wooden blinds.Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose the perfect curtain and blinds for your house.Gargi home furnishings is the best place for affordable Gargi Blinds & Curtains in the Newzealand. Go check them out for the best home furnishings.

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